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Breakthrough Artist




Let's explore what all of this means to you. I'm sure you have questions and I would love to answer them.

Yes, There's a story. It's real, messy, not always flattering, full of courage, daring, rebellion, loss, creativity & art, spirituality, successes, love, and a never-ending desire to evolve. It's a story I'm at peace with for its story of triumph and heart.

Like most people in the healing/coaching professions, I began my journey because I needed help and wanted answers. I longed for a sense of mastery over myself, my emotions and how I made decisions. I also needed a deeper meaning and purpose to my life and wanted the total freedom and daring to choose my path.

I grew up in California at a time when there were still orange groves; it was magical. We were a typical dysfunctional family.  There are good and bad stories throughout all of it. My favorite memories involved treehouses and swimming in the lake. Arriving at age 30, "brave and bruised" I begin my journey of seeking and healing in earnest.

I wanted answers! There had to be a better way! Thus began my education with the best alternative therapeutic methods, and advanced coaching techniques I could find. I trained over the course of 20 years, while I worked in the "real world" and raised my daughter (a life rich in both training, expertise, and experience).

When the time came my brilliant daughter took off for college, and I took a courageous leap and left a well paying, "safe" corporate job to follow my passion and began my current practice.


That was 17 years ago, and it's a decision I've never regretted.

This work supports, challenges and inspires accomplished, intelligent, successful women to live more authentically and powerfully through life's most stressful transitions. It's is a way to use the significant (and often very tough) crossroads of life to reveal and redefine who we are. It's not easy, but always enormously rewarding!

It's about breaking down how you see yourself and all of the rules that keep you stuck. It's about liberation!

Over the years, I've developed the laser-like ability to detect what I call the “Big Lie.” The Big Lie is the story we carry within that defines who we are, what we're capable of, and sadly, what we feel is impossible for us. 

I’ve never met anyone accurate about their story, i.e., the Big Lie (including myself).  The heartbreak in all of this is we've based our entire life on the perceptions and limitations of these stories. Unfortunately, much of this is unconscious and it's been running much of our lives. Due to this hidden aspect, it's essential to develop a conscious language with our Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence defined:
"A state of balance between your feelings and your rational intellect. That is, you can think with great emotional sensitivity but remain logical in your thought processes."

Since I work with such intellectually astute women (too much in their head, you know who you are...), much of my work is designed to bypass the conscious mind. By working directly with other levels of consciousness, I get to the hidden blocks and beliefs rapidly. 

The result is a sense of relief and greater access to Emotional Intelligence, innate brilliance and freedom from the belief systems that have kept you stuck. This kind of liberation allows us to design a more authentic path forward, one more befitting the true desires of our heart and soul; life becomes fun and passionate!

Being an EFT Master (Emotional Freedom Technique), fluent in multiple forms of Energy Psychology techniques (Tapping, TAT, PET) I'm able to bring to light that which has been hidden quickly and with compassion.  Over the years, I've developed a unique brand of processes to create astonishing outcomes.  Equally important, I've experienced it all myself, so I'm speaking from personal experience as well.

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