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3 Steps & 2 Feet to Peace

Years ago I was with some friends, and they were talking about an event we had all attended a couple of years prior. As they started telling their stories, I kept thinking I don't remember that. I finally spoke up and said, “I don't think you've got that right, that never happened!” They all stopped and looked at me and said, “But you were right there!” I blurted out, “If that's true then why don't I remember any of this??” I’ll never forget their response…

It's because you're never really here!

I was shocked! What were they talking about?

That was my first introduction to the concept of not being present.

Not long after, I was having a really tough day at work and reached out to someone I knew and trusted. The moment she answered, I just purged every bit of EVERYTHING. Not an inhalation was taken. This was big and important stuff, right?

And she had the nerve to interrupt me and ask me -

“Where are your feet right now?’

I didn't want to be rude, but she didn't seem to realize how really BIG my stuff was.

She said, "Find your feet and tap them on the floor. Look around you. Do you feel threatened and are you in peril?"

"No, everything is fine right now. It's yesterday and next week..."

It turns out they were all right. I was either ruminating about the past or forecasting the worst future ever. But rarely, and I mean, rarely, was I ever right where my feet were.

Finding your feet takes practice, practice, practice and takes but a moment to do! It is the most efficient, on the spot meditation and road back to the present moment I know. Easy to do and here's how:

1. Breathe slow and deep 3 times. If you're under stress, you're probably breathing shallowly thereby contributing to the exact feeling you're trying to avoid.

2. Take a look around you. What do you see, hear, feel, taste? Just notice. This is the way to reel yourself back into the here and now.

3. Find and focus on your feet. As you slow your breathing down, tap your feet on the floor. And at this moment, this is where you are. You are ONLY right HERE.

And at this moment you are giving yourself a reprieve from the endless angst and chatter about, well, almost everything! Instead, you are allowing your body and emotions to become still, giving your higher intelligence and intuition a chance to weigh in with guidance, creative solutions, and a spot of peace and appreciation. And wouldn't that be useful?

Do this practice on a regular basis throughout your day. It takes but a moment and the benefits are endless. You will find in these moments the peace you are seeking and where calmness lives. Suddenly opportunities to choose wisely with the support of your intuition show up as a different perspective, a sense of connection and compassion and the courage to persevere. Well done!

And all it took was 3 steps and 2 feet.



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