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Connect via phone or Skype from the privacy and comfort of your own place.    



As soon as possible, why would you wait any longer for Joy, Happiness, and Success?


Transcend your patterns & habits, so you are empowered to make the changes you want.


Discover Possibilities
Recognize Potential
Champion Purpose
Design your Choices
Live with Integrity
Accept Responsibility
  • Rapidly shift the inner conversation from negative to positive



  • Make significant changes, especially the impossible ones


  • Feel relief from past stresses, hurts & disappointments


  • Find & stay true to their inner magic


  • Tell the truth and make choices that work


  • Live with greater balance & peace


  • Enjoy the benefit of having the body they want


  • Revel in success at work they love


  • Experience a significant increase in abundance and prosperity


  • Enjoy richer relationships


  • Marinate in inspired collaborations & connections





Let's talk about how we'll work together

and what kind of impact coaching can have on your life

This work is all about you, and it starts with our very first conversation. 

This work is all about you, and it starts with our very first conversation. 

It's specific, in-depth, and customized to fit your individual needs. It's private, challenging and compassionate. It's a way to achieve peace in the midst of conflict even chaos.

It's designed to reveal a level of authenticity and emotional intelligence you did not know you had. 

It's an opportunity to apply informed solutions to your career, relationships, weight issues, body confidence, family, abundance, and prosperity. Make the significant changes you've dreamed of efficiently.

Here's what one of my clients had to say:

"Constance has the unique ability to teach women how to find their inner magic and joy and to channel that magic in discerning and achieving their goals and objectives. 

She works with high achieving women who are frequently either (a) seeking to make a major life change, whether that be personal or career, or (b) seeking to find better balance and harmony in their lives.

Constance brings decades of training to the table and offers alternative techniques that I have found invaluable in my life. 

She teaches ways to quickly de-stress, to change the internal dialogue from negative to positive, to interrupt the same old tired thought patterns and replace them with healthy new thoughts, and to make significant life changes healthily." 

I work with women from all walks of life, lawyers, therapists, doctors, professionals, coaches, mothers, artist, and teachers. 


What all these women have in common is that they are ready for a change and willing to commit the time, energy, and resources to make it happen. These women are brave, vulnerable and courageous and they never cease to inspire and amaze me. 


Note: Many clients come back over the years for spots checks and updates, others continue their evolution with monthly meetings. These sessions allow clients to fine tune and put into action what they have learned because the framework has already been established. It's an extraordinary process to witness.


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